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Let go......let the sounds of the steel pan music carry you away on a hot summer night, refreshed by only an ocean breeze, a cold tasty tropical drink in your hands and your toes in the cool soft sand.

Close your eyes....breathe in, breathe out......can you feel your mind relax as your body starts to uncoil….as you attempt to gain that state of nirvana we all crave in response to the day-to-day struggles and stresses of life on the Mainland.

Relax……You are now on island time. Feel your heart rate slow as your breath deepens and your senses become more aware. In this moment you are alive and living, not merely existing…

Welcome back to the islands……

My recent blog and photos from: Sint Maarten/Saint Martin, Anguilla and Ouanalao (aka Saint Barthelemy)


Photo Credits: Dad & Daughter Photography

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